Radiology IR(ME)R Procedures

NDHT Employer’s Procedures

IR(ME)R procedures 1 SOP Scope of Entitlement

IR(ME)R procedures 2 SOP Making a Referral for Diagnostic Imaging

IR(ME)R Procedures 3 SOP Identification of Patients in Radiology

IR(ME)R procedures 4 SOP Radiological Examination of Individuals of Reproductive Capacity

IR(ME)R procedures 5 SOP Justification and Authorisation

IR(ME)R Procedures 6 SOP-Medico-legal and non accidental injury requests

IR(ME)R procedures 7 SOP-Making ionising radiation exposures for the purpose of research

IR(ME)R Procedures 8 SOP-Exposure Optimisation

IR(ME)R Procedures 9 SOP-Recording clinical evaluation and dose

IR(ME)R Procedures 10 SOP-Assessment of Patient dose

IR(ME)R Procedures 11 SOP-Diagnostic Reference levels (DRLs)

IR(ME)R Procedure 12 SOP-Minimising the Unintentional Irradiation of Patients (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R procedures 13 SOP-Reporting and investigating of over-exposures

IR(ME)R Procedures 14 SOP-Clinical Audit – IR(ME)R

IR(ME)R procedures 15 SOP Quality Assurance of Procedures IR(ME)R

IR(ME)R Procedure 16 SOP Reporting and Investigation of Over-Exposures

IR(ME)R Procedure 17 Providing Information on Risk and Benefit of Radiation Exposures

IR(ME)R Procedures 18 SOP-Non-medical imaging exposures

IR(ME)R Procedure 19 Minimising the Unintentional Irradiation of Patients

IR(ME)R Procedure 20 SOP Carers and Comforters

IR(ME)R Procedure 21 and Protocols for Use of the Fluoroscan InSight FD Mini C-Arm in Orthopaedic Extremity Surgery


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Last updated: January 7, 2021