Work starts on drive-through at NDDH

Work has begun on an exciting development at NDDH – a new drive-through facility in the main public car park.

This concept proved successful earlier in the year when some of our staff successfully provided care to their patients in their cars.

We have been developing our plans since then, using our own experiences and the insight of other trusts who are using drive-through to create a solution that works well for us. Our drive-through has been carefully designed to be both safe and convenient for patients, and with all the necessary facilities for staff, including shelter from the weather.

We are aiming to have the drive-through operational in early January.

Drive through being built at NDDH

The drive-through facilities are being set up in the NDDH public car park

Why drive-through?

We have created the drive-through to support in particular those clinically vulnerable patients who have felt anxious about coming into hospital and mixing with people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because we need to limit the flow of people through the NDDH building, which has meant limiting patient numbers, the drive-through should help us to see greater patient numbers, allowing us to better keep up with demand.

Which services will be available to patients?

The first services that will be available in the drive-through are currently delivered in NDDH and are essential support services that can be delivered in patients’ cars safely and easily. The services are:

  • Collection of cardio-respiratory monitoring equipment
  • Collection of some prescriptions
  • Taking blood for tests

How will patients access the drive-through?

The services using the drive-through will contact patients about using the drive-through, where appropriate. Patients will enter the car park as normal, but there will be no parking charge for those using the drive-through.

The drive-through provides an alternative way to access these services. For those who don’t drive, the services will still be available in the NDDH building.

The drive-through should result in a reduction in the number of patients needing to park. However we recognise that setting up this facility will reduce the overall number of parking spaces available in our public car park. We will continue to monitor our car park capacity carefully to minimise the impact.

stuart kyleDr Stuart Kyle, deputy medical director and chair of the Trust’s outpatient redesign group, said: “I am exceedingly proud and excited at how teams have found innovative ways to maintain and develop clinical services through the pandemic.

“The drive-through will formalise much of this work and enable us to keep patients safe, especially the extremely clinically vulnerable.”

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Last updated: December 24, 2020