Trust welcomes new interns from Project SEARCH

The Trust has welcomed a new group of interns from Project SEARCH, which supports young people with learning disabilities to get into the world of work.

Josh Hooper, with his mentor Dan Squires, has been working in the recycling area. Most of the time Josh has been shredding the confidential waste, using an industrial shredder. Also part of Josh’s role is collecting the confidential waste from around the hospital, which he is currently doing under the supervision of Dan.

Dan said: “Josh is a very happy and polite young man.”

Josh said: ”My mentor Dan is very nice and informative, I get on well with him.”

Jack Rook has been working with Irene Watts across the hospital, primarily cleaning beds. He has picked up the role quickly which involves a through clean of the mechanism of the hospital bed and mattress as well as cleaning corridors. This is Jack’s first experience of working in the hospital and he said: “it’s been enjoyable”.

Irene, Jack’s mentor, said: “Jack is lovely. He gets on with it and he’s polite.”

Jack is looking forward to continuing to develop his skills after half term, when he will be completing the second half of his first of three 10-week placements.

Emily Mock has been working on KG5 ward alongside her mentor Sam Stacey. Emily has made a great start on her placement where she gets the opportunity to talk to patients whilst serving them food and drinks.

Emily said: “I am loving it.”

Sam, who has been a Project SEARCH mentor previously, said: “I think we all get something out of this process, it’s great to be a part of the transformation of some of the students.”

Dave Bridges, Project SEARCH instructor at NDHT,  said: “We are incredibly lucky to have such a dedicated and talented group of interns who in these uncertain times are stepping up the plate and undertaking their training with an inspirational zeal. This positive attitude is catching and has already had a positive impact on many of the teams they are working in.”



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Last updated: November 23, 2020