New equipment from care homes team helping residents who have fallen

Our care homes team has gifted Mangar Elk Lifting Cushions to 38 care homes across North Devon, helping staff in care homes assist residents who have fallen.

The portable cushions are designed to provide a safe, dignified lift for people who have fallen, whilst reducing the risk of injury to both staff and the person who has fallen.

Once the cushion is under the person, the care home staff press a button that inflates the cushion, bringing them to a sitting position.

Training with the Mangar Elk cushions

Mangar provides training to equip care home staff to assess if the person who has fallen is uninjured, therefore safe to sit up post fall. If so, an ambulance will not need to be called. This will reduce unnecessary instances where the person who has fallen may have to wait some time for the emergency services to come and assess them.

The design of the cushion makes it ideal for anyone who has fallen inside or outside, even in a confined space.

Meg Hill, occupational therapy educator in the care homes team, said: “The Elk is a great piece of kit. It’s easy to use, versatile, very portable and one size fits all. We are pleased to have helped care homes across northern Devon access this equipment, which will be a great tool when trying to deal with a fall.”

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Last updated: January 27, 2020