Well done to our South West NHS Military Challenge 2019 team!

Last weekend, a team of staff from across NDHT represented the Trust at the annual South West NHS Military Challenge. Go team 9!

A reflection from Team 9 – NDHT

On Friday, nine nervous individuals with a range of backgrounds from NDHT gathered amongst the swathes of people from other NHS trusts in the South West.

Briefed, fed and watered (with a few ice-breakers thrown in) we set off on Saturday to champion the challenges ahead!

As a team we stuck together and accomplished more than we may ever have dreamed of, from rescuing injured soldiers under fire to pushing ourselves to complete the obstacle course. We encountered tactical challenges, situational conundrums and sometimes just downright scary stuff!

On Saturday night we let our hair down and partied like there’s no tomorrow, feeling like there was nothing that could stop us now.

Sunday morning came our final test – a stretcher run around the camp – we made this possible by the enormous amount of team support and respect that we had for each other.

Rosy cheeked, aching and smiling, we left the Training Camp as a fellowship, the comradeship we built between us was life-changing.

It all sounds so cliched, but one weekend with a random collection of people open to friendship and ‘trying new things’ has changed our worlds.

Both testing and exhilarating, a huge thank you to each other, the Okehampton Training Camp, the various Military Reserves Recruitment teams and finally to Kate, our assigned Team Liaison Officer and guiding light.

“Go Team 9! We Totally Smashed it!”

  1. Emilia Langley-Bunce
  2. Serena Strickland
  3. John Butucaru
  4. Harry Batley
  5. Aleks Leatham
  6. Rosie Hitchcock
  7. Cristina Mendoza-Sanchez
  8. Claudia Baddick
  9. Alexis Lewis-Earley
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Last updated: September 25, 2019