The Snug turns one!

It has been just over a year since the Snug launched on Lundy Ward, which is fantastic news to celebrate.

The Snug is a regular side room that functions as a day-to-day acute hospital bed but can quickly transform into the Snug with a few simple changes.

It was created to give patients and their carers/families a more private, welcoming and dignified space when it is most needed – such as when patients are at the end of life, when patients with a dementia or a learning disability are admitted, or when people just need something a bit extra.

Staff work to understand the needs for each individual patient and can then tailor the enhancements in the Snug to best meet those needs. Enhancements include tea and coffee making facilities, sensory lighting and aromatherapy diffuser, a put-up bed for a loved one to stay overnight, meal vouchers for visitors and lots more.

Here’s a short video of staff celebrating this achievement and sharing what the Snug means to them.

How successful has the Snug been?

The Snug has been a great success since it launched:

The feedback from patients and their families shows just how much the Snug has made a difference.

End of life patient’s daughter – “This is definitely a project that should be replicated in other hospitals. Couldn’t have asked for better for myself or my mum.”

Carer for patient with dementia who came in as a booked admission – “As for arranging the Snug… I felt like we were being treated like royalty! It was truly wonderful and helped Mum so much.”

Carer for patient with advanced dementia –“It was most helpful to have a bed next to her and en-suite facilities…this enabled me to keep Mum calm in what would otherwise have been a distressing environment.”

Patient – “The Snug is…things that make it feel comfortable ‘all round’. ALL wards should have their Snugs, roll it out!”

We are in the process of rolling out a Snug on every ward, and ultimately we would love to see every hospital across the country providing their patients with a similar environment and experience.

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Last updated: July 19, 2019