Short SynACTHen Test

Short SynACTHen Test
Tube Type
Serum (Gold Top) at 0 minutes and 30 minutes
Clinical Indication
Investigation of Addison’s disease; primary hypoadrenalism
Target turnaround time
1 working day
Special requirements & notes
Indicate the test series on order/form – laboratory comments relating to the analysis will be appended
Obtain basal sample for analysis between 08:00 – 10:00 hrs
Administer 250ug dose of SynACTHen (36ug/kg bodyweight for children) intramuscularly
Collect 2nd sample for cortisol analysis 30 minutes post synACTHen
Clinical Report
A normal response is a cortisol >420nmol/L in a 30 minute sample.
Consider pituitary failure if low baseline cortisol, especially <170nmol/L in the morning
Volume required
1 tube (4ml)
If delayed transport to lab, store:
Centrifuged, in refrigerator
Factors affecting result interpretation
Prednisolone, oral contraceptives and steroid administration may affect results interpretation
Pathology discipline
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Last updated: July 23, 2019