Our sites are smoke and vape free

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust is a smoke and vape free Trust, which means no one should be smoking or vaping in any buildings or on the grounds anywhere.

We know that many visitors, staff and patients at NDDH are frustrated by people smoking and vaping around the various hospital entrances and we know that there is no simple solution.

Our site has been smokefree for some time and to reinforce the message to patients, staff and visitors that our site is smoke and vape free we have recently erected new signage across the hospital grounds.

We have also installed a new tannoy system at our main entrances – these play pre-recorded smokefree messages when someone presses the button at the entrance. These tannoys are for use by staff, visitors and patients and allow anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable challenging someone that is smoking or vaping directly to take action.

Please help us maintain a smoke and vape free site for everyone by not bringing in smoking and vaping items when you visit the hospital. If you do wish to smoke or vape please leave the site to do so and dispose of your cigarette butts in the bins provided.

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Last updated: August 1, 2019