This Friday is National Walk to Work Day

Whether you work or not, walking and other physical activity can have a lot of benefits. Like reducing risk of heart disease and dementia but other benefits, such as reducing stress can help with how we feel day to day. So here are my tips of the day:

  • If a lower blood sugar level is needed it is better to do 10 minute blocks after each meal than 30 minutes in one go
  • The less you sit still the smaller your waist is likely to be – just breaking up the times you are sat with short bursts of movement can help keep you more trim
  • Mix resistance (e.g. weights) and aerobic exercise (e.g. cycling) for results in lowering HbA1c (that blood measurement to see what your blood sugar levels are like overall)

If you want to know how long you are sat for in the day try the calculator on this website:

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Last updated: March 13, 2019