Eggcuse me Easter Chocolate, move aside!

Chocolate Easter eggs are somewhat an accepted part of the Easter tradition. For weeks now, if not months, chocolate Easter eggs have been in the shops. I’ve put together some ideas for alternative ways to celebrate without all the added sugar that chocolate eggs bring. Enjoy!

  • Flowers or house plants – this may be enjoyed longer than a chocolate egg
  • Get your craft on and paint your own eggs to give as gifts – ceramic, blown hollow egg shells or other egg shaped ornaments. They look lovely hung on a blossom branch!
  • Cheese Easter eggs – and other alternative foods in an egg shape
  • Fry an egg in a shaped mould – like an Easter bunny face
  • Egg cosies – You could have a go at making these or buy some pre-made ones
  • Anything egg shaped – candles, bath bombs even a jewellery box, fancy!
  • Lower sugar Easter biscuits – Try baking your own using low calorie sweeteners Diabetes UK have a recipe that uses less sugar

For the kids

  • Easter hat – decorate a straw hat with Easter related things like cute little chick toys
  • A plastic egg hunt and one prize at the end (if this is chocolate then it does mean you can have more say over the portion size)
  • A cuddly bunny toy – they will cherish this for longer!
  • Easter themed colouring in books
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Last updated: March 13, 2019