High scores for NDHT in NHS Staff Survey

NDHT has achieved one of the highest scores in the country in this year’s national NHS Staff Survey.

The Trust scored highly for staff recommending NDHT as a place to work or receive treatment, for their motivation at work, and for feeling able to contribute towards improvements at work.

NDHT was one of the highest scorers nationally for overall staff engagement, with 7.3 out of 10. The national average was 7.0 and the highest score was 7.4.

Highlights from the survey results include:

  • NDHT being the top trust in the South West for staff motivation, staff satisfaction with the quality of work and care they are able to deliver, and staff feeling able to contribute to improvements
  • Big improvements to scores relating to staff feeling that care of patients/service users is the organisation’s top priority and patient feedback is being used to make decisions about service delivery
  • NDHT scoring significantly better than the national average for equality, diversity and inclusion
  • NDHT scoring significantly better than the national average for line manager support
  • NDHT being the top trust in the South West for staff reporting any errors, near misses and incidents they have witnessed and staff feeling confident in reporting unsafe clinical practice
  • High scores for staff being involved in deciding on changes that affect their area of work

Suzanne Tracey, chief executive of NDHT, said: “There are some fantastic results here, and it is really great to see that staff feel strongly that patient care is our top priority and that they are happy with the quality of care they are delivering.

“I’d particularly like to highlight is how fantastic it is to see that staff engagement remains really high. The organisation has been through some significant changes and it’s great to see staff feeling engaged and involved throughout this journey.”

Some of the lower scoring areas of the survey showed an increase in staff feeling under pressure to come to work and feeling that there were not enough staff in the organisation for them to do their job properly.

Suzanne added: “Whilst it is fantastic that we continue to score highly comparing ourselves nationally and within the South West, one of the most important things we look at is where we haven’t scored so highly.

“This information is really important to us as it tells us where we need to improve. We will be working with staff across the organisation to learn from these areas and we hope to see improvements in the next survey.”

All NHS organisations take part in the NHS Staff Survey, which is the largest annual workforce survey in the world. Staff are asked to share their views anonymously, and organisations can use this feedback to make improvements.

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Last updated: March 29, 2019