Jan Plan Week 2 – Why do we eat?

Here is this weeks Eat Well Wednesday, installment two of the Jan Plan.

Why do we eat? 

We need food to nourish us but sometimes we eat for other reasons such as boredom, tiredness, low mood or fear of low blood glucose levels. Keeping a track of how hungry we feel before and after eating can help to identify what is making us eat. Ideally we should keep the score between 3 and 8 so we can make sensible food choices before we get to hungry and stop eating before we get to full. It can be helpful to track our emotions at the same time and see if there is a link. If you find you’re eating when you are “emotionally hungry” rather than “physically hungry”, try to think of non-food ways to feel comforted and satisfy your emotional need. ​

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Last updated: January 21, 2019