Jan Plan Week 1 – Does your body need all that you give it?

Welcome to 2019 and your Diabetes Specialist Dietitians “Jan Plan”. Over the 5 Wednesdays in January, we will be looking at ways to be healthier, by considering our relationship with food. The what, how, where and especially why of eating. Please join us and let us know, in the comments below each post, how you are getting on.

Happy New Year! If your New Year resolution includes getting healthier then asking yourself “Does my body use up all that I feed it?” can be a useful place to start. By completing a food and activity diary the answers will become clearer. Suddenly patterns in your food choices can jump out at you. Parts of your day that you think are sedentary, might be more active than you thought.  Many people are surprised at their discoveries when they’ve kept a food and activity diary. It can really help us to reflect and highlight areas worth tackling, and others worth celebrating! Human nature means we tend to be quick to pick on the negative bits. But the best place to begin is acknowledging the current habits that you are happy with. A food and activity diary can be repeated in the future to help you see how you are getting on with any changes you’ve made. For a tool to help with this click here:


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Last updated: January 21, 2019