Jan Plan Week 5 – Rewarding yourself for losing weight

Non-food rewards are a great way of keeping the momentum going whilst you work towards reaching your target. If celebrating with food is our only option it can undermine any weight loss achievements and potentially lead to fewer rewards in the future which is definitely not ideal – who doesn’t love earning rewards!

Using smaller targets along the way to your overall target weight loss and pairing smaller rewards to these can help keep you focused. And of course a bigger reward when you achieve your total goal.  How about getting your nails done when you lose 5 pounds? Or watch a rugby match of your favourite team? They also don’t need to cost money, it could be something as simple as letting yourself have an early night, or having a sing and a dance to some music you love, or watching that movie you’ve been wanting to watch for ages! These are only a few ideas, but you know yourself best – what makes you happy? The idea is to set goals AND rewards. Then you’ve got the double bonus of weight loss and whatever non-food treat you’ve decided on, wahoo!



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Last updated: January 30, 2019