Jan Plan Week 3 – Balancing the Benefits of Change

We all can struggle to make changes to lose weight. This can mean you have success to begin with but the weight starts to plateau and possibly even go back on. So we know keeping willpower up is one of the most important things in weight loss. Losing weight needs to be a high priority (and this isn’t always realistic). Having a list of reasons to support you, written by you, can help you be your own cheerleader. It can keep you going when things get tough and the weight just isn’t coming off as you’d like. Here is a sheet you can complete and keep somewhere safe to refer to and give you that boost you need. It also makes getting starting with any changes easier!

Fill in the columns and if it is a good time to make this change the list in the ‘benefits of change’ will be longer. Then keep this for future reference!

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Last updated: January 21, 2019