Snacks, snacks everywhere!

It seems this time of year people are on some sort of pre-hibernation stock up because along with the holiday season comes a tendency to snack between meals, a lot! It can feel like the odds are against those trying to keep to a regular meal pattern. Here are some ideas for snack swaps during the festive season:

Calorie Laden Seasonal Snacks                                   Snack swap Ideas

Pannetonne slice                                                             Dried Fruit

Mincepie                                                                             Mini Mincepie

Chocolate Sweets                                                            Fruit+nut snack bar (e.g. Nakd)

Cheese and crackers                                                      Vegetable sticks and low fat houmous dip

Crisps                                                                                    Bread sticks

Cheese straws                                                                  Rice cakes

And lots more!                                                                  Air popped popcorn

Unsalted nuts

Dried fruit and unsalted nuts are still higher in energy but can make a healthier choice compared to other options available. Kept to infrequent moderate portions (a cupped palm) these can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet and can be a nice treat with their rich flavours.

For more tips on snack swaps and ideas are at:

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Last updated: January 21, 2019