Same old Christmas trimmings!

Christmas is a special occasion but I think sometimes we get into the habit of having Christmas with all the bells and whistles without really taking the time to decide which bits we want to savour and the other bits we go along with that we maybe don’t enjoy so much. Personally I’m not a Christmas cake fan, and it’s pretty heavily laden with sugar and dried fruit meaning for me some very unnecessary calories. I’ve had it in the past but now I refuse all offers because I don’t want to eat it out of habit.

Are there any foods you find yourself eating without really enjoying them? Perhaps it’s the bread sauce, or the pigs in blankets or the Christmas pudding. Cutting these out is a good way to help keep down energy intake over the big day. You could go for a different option. For ideas on this have a look at the following links:

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Last updated: January 21, 2019