How to say No

With the seasonal time of year comes meals and drinks out a plenty; food is at just about every social occasion.

One of Britain’s great talents is manners. We hold our P’s and Q’s in such high regard that we often eat out of politeness or to prevent causing any offence! So I thought a few tips on what to say when “no thank you” doesn’t work could be helpful.

  • Useful phrases:
  1. No thank you, I’m fine
  2. Your food is delicious but I enjoy it more when I don’t overeat
  3. Thank you, I couldn’t
  4. I honestly don’t think I could

(3+4 make it sound like a physical impossibility of you managing another morsel – who is going to mess with that?!)

  • Use your doctor or dietitian as an excuse. We don’t mind!
  • Tell the truth – you don’t want to eat something because [it causes you acid reflux, it may upset your IBS, you want you lose weight, etc.]
  • Bring your own choice of food along to share
  • Delay their offer. “I will try some of that later” can work a treat. Or “I’m stuffed, not right now, maybe later”. By the time later comes they may have forgotten to offer the food again.
  • If someone puts extra food on your plate without your permission you are perfectly allowed to not eat it! Or you could make it look as though you’ve eaten some by moving it around with your fork. It’s a bit cheeky, but so is covertly giving extra portions!
  • Take some home with you (this could be used in the above situation). This way you will be able to decide what to do with the food without any peer pressure.

You may find refusing food can be hard in some situations but the effects of which won’t be long lasting to relationships. Just remember – your health is important. Those that value you will value your health too. Having a good time doesn’t necessarily mean gorging on big feasts. After all, there is a lot more to being social than eating. Enjoy your occasions together!

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Last updated: January 21, 2019