Nursing and midwifery celebration day 2018

The compassionate care by nurses and midwives in northern Devon was highlighted at an event celebrating their work caring for patients and new mums over the past year.

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust held their annual nursing and midwifery celebration event on Thursday 10 May, just ahead of International Nurses’ Day (12 May).

The event included stories from patients and presentations about innovative ideas that have resulted in excellent care for patients in northern Devon and even further afield.

One story came from a patient who had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with pancreatitis. Simon ‘Storm’ Norman was put into an induced coma and spent almost one month on the ward. He told his story in a video, along with his wife Carol, who shared how it felt to support a loved one who was fighting for their life and had a 50/50 chance of survival.

Darryn Allcorn, director of nursing, quality and workforce, opened the event and said: “It has been an enormous privilege for me to work alongside the dedicated and committed nurses and midwives at NDHT. I am proud and honoured to be part of this team.

“Whether it’s thinking of ways to help a patient and their loved ones have a moment of normality, working on a clinical trial that will improve care for patients across the country, or travelling abroad to help people in dire need of good nursing care, our nurses and midwives continually strive to do their best, with improving patient care at the centre of everything we do.”

Staff gave talks about the work they have been doing over the past year, including  Tracey Jobling, Fortescue ward manager, who talked about how they have changed the ward environment to help support dementia patients.

Tracey Morrish, urgent care services manager, discussed how the rapid response team have been enhancing the skills of staff who see patients in their own homes, helping more people to avoid an unnecessary stay in hospital.

Trailblazing nurses talked about how their work has benefited people across the globe, including tissue viability nurse Natalie Bonds, who shared her experience of nursing in Sweden and how she has applied all the things she learned to help patients in northern Devon.

Andrea Bell, deputy director of nursing and head of professional practice, said: “Our nurses and midwives work astoundingly hard, and this event showed me more than ever just how skilled, dedicated and compassionate they are.

“Congratulations to our staff for another year of amazing care and exceptional achievements.”

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Last updated: May 15, 2018