International qualification achieved by health and social care assistant practitioners

Two NDHT therapy support workers have successfully completed their postural stability instructor (PSI) course, which is an internationally recognised qualification.

Jo Horn (left) and Karly Short (right)

Well done to Jo Horn in the Holsworthy community rehab team (left) and Karly Short (right) in the Torrington community rehab team, who are pictured with their certificates.

Nicky Cheshire, therapy team lead for Holsworthy and Torrington, said: “Jo and Karly have worked extremely hard to complete and successfully pass this high level qualification. This will allow them to continue to develop and improve strength and balance services available to patients in both Holsworthy and Torrington.”

Jo said: “I feel this course has been a valuable and positive investment into my learning journey, and am grateful for the opportunity to attend. I have learned many new skills, which I have been able to directly and effectively implement into my work practice with confidence.”

Karly said: “Completing the PSI course has improved my skills and knowledge, which I can use to help the patients in our strength and balance classes, as well as sharing with my colleagues.”

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Last updated: May 8, 2018