Update from Holsworthy stakeholder group

Following the announcement in July of the formation of a stakeholder group to review the requirements to reopen the inpatient beds at Holsworthy Community Hospital, the group has met three times to review the processes involved and scrutinise the available data around the admittance of patients to Holsworthy hospital.

Members of the group have provided feedback from patients who have concerns about the closure of the inpatient beds, particularly whether any patients were prevented from being admitted to Holsworthy.  The Group is asking for information from other NHS Trusts who may discharge patients to Holsworthy and commissioners across Devon and Cornwall. Progress is being made and the group is hopeful that at their next meeting, towards the end of September, they will have some information to work from.

The stakeholder group includes representatives from NDHT, local authorities, primary care, elected members and the community.

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Last updated: March 6, 2018