Radiology IR(ME)R Procedures

IR(ME)R – NDHT Employer’s Procedures V2.0

IR(ME)R procedure 1 SOP Scope of Entitlement (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R procedure 2 SOP Making a Referral for Diagnostic Imaging (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R Procedure 3 SOP Identification of Patients in Radiology (V2 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R procedure 4 SOP Radiological Examination of Women of Reproductive Capacity (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R Procedure 5 Justification and Authorisation SOP

IR(ME)R Procedure 6 SOP-Medico-legal and non accidental injury requests (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R Procedure 7 Making Ionising Radiation Exposures for the Purpose of Research

IR(ME)R Procedure 8 Exposure Optimisation

IR(ME)R Procedure 9 SOP-Recording clinical evaluation and dose (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R Procedure 10 SOP-Assessment of Patient dose (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R Procedure 11 SOP-Diagnostic Reference levels (DRLs) (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R Procedure 12 SOP-Minimising the Unintentional Irradiation of Patients (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R procedure 13 SOP-Reporting and investigating of over-exposures (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R Procedure 14 SOP-Clinical Audit – IR(ME)R (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R procedure 15 SOP – Quality Assurance of Procedures IR(ME)R (V1 0 Updated)

IR(ME)R Procedure 16 SOP Reporting and Investigation of Over-Exposures

IR(ME)R Procedure 17 Providing Information on Risk and Benefit of Radiation Exposures

IR(ME)R Procedure 18 Non-Medical Imaging Exposures SOP

IR(ME)R Procedure 19 Minimising the Unintentional Irradiation of Patients

IR(ME)R Procedure 20 SOP Carers and Comforters


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Last updated: December 18, 2018