Clarification regarding maintenance at Holsworthy Hospital

The Trust would like to correct some misconceptions about maintenance at Holsworthy Hospital, including suggestions that the hospital has been deliberately starved of maintenance.

Iain Roy, director of facilities for Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, said:

 “There are no ongoing issues with maintenance at Holsworthy Hospital.

“During 2016, the Trust invested just over £300,000 in Holsworthy Hospital. This included the installation of a new biomass boiler, electricity generating solar panels, improved insulation and the installation of LED lighting throughout the hospital.

“This is one of the largest investments the Trust has made in any of the community hospitals over the past 10 years. Further maintenance work is planned in the coming weeks to increase car parking provision on the site for visitors.

“In response to specific claims about nurse call and lighting system failure, the Trust records show that there has been no system failure in either the nurse call or lighting systems in the ward areas over the past 3 years.

“As with many technical systems of this age, from time to time individual problems occur but the maintenance team has spare nurse call handsets and a purpose designed replacement standby wireless unit. This unit is capable of being installed within two hours and is able to replace part or all of any nurse call system across the Trust.

“The lighting system was replaced as part of an energy saving initiative where we replaced the vast majority of the lights across the Trust with new modern LED lighting that gives us both improved lighting levels and reduced running costs.  Holsworthy Hospital now has one of the lowest energy usages per m2 of any hospital across Devon.

“We are very proud of the maintenance service provided by the local team and we take exception to any suggestions that the team is putting patients and visitors at risk by deliberately not providing maintenance to the hospital.”

Nicola Ryley, director of nursing said:

“With regards to the suggestions of torches being used at night instead of bedside lighting, rest for patients is of paramount importance in assisting their comfort and recovery.

“This practice, therefore, is not unusual in monitoring sleeping or resting patients as the torchlight disturbs them less than the main hospital lighting. Should a nurse, for any reason, require additional lighting, bedside lights are always available.”

There is more information in the Holsworthy engagement section of the website.

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Last updated: March 6, 2018