Goal planning

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What is goal planning?

In everyday life, we tend to set ourselves goals to achieve. Sometimes they are small, short term goals, like doing the shopping or redecorating the kitchen and sometimes we set ourselves bigger long term goals like learning a new language or moving house.

In both cases, deciding what it is that we want to do, allows us to look ahead and work out how to achieve the goal, and then feel a sense of achievement when we have completed the task.

“Goal planning” is the process of:

  • Deciding what you want to do
  • Planning how to do it
  • Doing the task
  • Seeing how you have done.

What has goal planning got to do with stroke rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is not something that staff can do to patients. It is something that patients and staff accomplish together, so it is very important that we are clear about what goals we are trying to achieve and how we are going to achieve them.

Goal planning can help us do this.

What is in it for me?

Goal planning can give you the opportunity to tell staff what goals are important to you and ask them any questions you have. It gives you a chance to see what progress you have made and plan how you are going to make further progress.

So what does it involve?

The goal planning process consists of a series of meetings between staff, patients and relatives. The content of individual meetings will obviously vary, but the general structure of goal planning will be shown on the next page.

First meeting

  • You can tell staff what goals are important for you to achieve.
  • Together we work out how these goals can be achieved and write down who is going to do what.
  • Staff will tell you how they think you are doing so far and what you might need to work on.
  • Your future beyond inpatient rehabilitation may be discussed, i.e. where you might live.
  • We will set a date for the next meeting.

Second meeting

  • You discuss what goals have been achieved.
  • We will set new goals together.
  • We will discuss any other issues.
  • We will set a date for the next meeting.

Goal planning meetings will be held as long as you are in the unit, so the number of meetings will depend on your length of stay, as well as how often you need to review your progress.

What do I do next?

Book your 1st meeting at the nurse station. Usual available slots are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 3.00pm.

Your first goal planning meeting will be on

________________________ at _____________________________

Goal setting

What are the most important things you want to get out of your meeting?





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