Call for public nominations of health and social care staff

A new award has been launched to recognise the work of health and social care staff.

The People’s Award for Dignity in Care is designed to allow the public to show their appreciation of those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide health or social care services that respect an individual’s dignity.

Staff members can also apply for the award for them or their colleagues but their application will need to be supported by a member of the public.

Members of the public (patients, carers, families) can nominate health or social care staff in their area for a regional award. They will complete a simple nomination form available online or in hard copy. This form is then be forwarded to the team or individual nominated who would then complete the detail needed to provide a robust evidence base and allow the judges to assess the application against the awards criteria.

Members of the public who would like to nominate can go to the awards website at and fill in an online form or contact 0870 000 1100. Alternatively, you can forward your nomination form to the Communications Office who will contact the relevant staff teams or individuals on their behalf: 01271 311 575 or

The deadline is 6 March 2009.

Jac Kelly, Chief Executive of the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust said, “I know from the many thank you letters I receive each week that our staff do a fantastic job. Patients often tell me that staff go above and beyond expectation. I would like to encourage any member of the public to nominate our staff as it will enable us to give them the public recognition and reward they deserve.”

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