National A&E analysis shows high standards at North Devon District Hospital

Accident & Emergency SiteThe Healthcare Commission today (Weds) reveals the high standards of care received by patients who go to the Accident and Emergency Department at North Devon District Hospital (NDDH).

Its authoritative report draws on a huge survey of people who went to A&Es around the country last year.

The Healthcare Commission’s analysis puts NDDH in the top fifth of NHS hospitals on 21 out of 33 counts, including:

  • Ease of finding a parking place
  • Length of total visit to A&E
  • Amount of information provided about the condition or treatment
  • Patients’ level of involvement in their care and treatment
  • Explanation of test results
  • Help in controlling pain
  • Cleanliness
  • Information provided on side-effects of medication, resuming normal activities, danger signals to look out for and who to contact in case of concern, following discharge
  • Satisfaction with overall way in which staff dealt with the main reason for attending A&E
  • Respect and dignity with which staff treated patients

The analysis puts NDDH in the bottom fifth of trusts on just three counts out of 33, covering:

  • Whether patients were told how long they would have to wait for examination
  • Whether patients had enough privacy during examination/treatment
  • How staff explained the purpose of medication on discharge

The analysis comes at a time when Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs NDDH, is working on detailed plans to create a new ‘Emergency Hub’, bringing together A&E and other essential services to ensure that patients get the best and quickest treatment when they arrive at hospital.

Dr Mike Roberts, the Trust’s Medical Director as well as Clinical Lead for A&E, said: “It’s terrific to get this sort of independent endorsement from the people we’re here to look after – the patients.

“We’ve got wonderful staff who work very hard, but it’s not always easy to be sure that patients go away satisfied with every aspect of care. The survey shows that we’re generally getting it right, and that we’re doing pretty well when compared with other hospitals.

“Now the challenge is to build on the good results, tackle the poorer ones, and make sure everything is in place for when we go to the next level by creating the Emergency Hub.”

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Last updated: March 6, 2018