Trust makes significant improvements in Annual Health Check

The Healthcare Commission (HCC) has rated Northern Devon Healthcare Trust as being “good” for quality of services and “fair” for use of resources in the Annual Health Check for 2007/08. A fair rating for finance is the greatest improvement the Trust was able to make, based on the last two years of financial turnaround.

Being able to demonstrate that the Trust has met all 43 standards (by year end) is a significant improvement on last year when the Trust was rated as weak for both categories. Earlier in the year, the Healthcare Commission rated this Trust as one of the ten most improved NHS organisations in England.

In 2007/08, the Trust met 37 of the core standards set by the HCC for the whole year, and met 6 of the core standards by year end. In 2006/07, the Trust failed to meet 14 standards.

Jac Kelly, Chief Executive said, “We are absolutely delighted at these results. This Trust has bounced back from a difficult two years and this rating reflects the hard work, perseverance and skills of all of our staff. The residents of North Devon can be proud of their local NHS and proud of the progress we have made to improve the quality of services.”

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In addition to the 43 core standards, the Trust is hitting every single new national target set by the Healthcare Commission. This gives the Trust an ‘excellent’ rating and means patients can be confident of receiving clean, safe and excellent local services. For example:

  • Over 98% of patients in Accident and Emergency are seen and treatment started within four hours.
  • The Trust met its 18-week waiting time target months ahead of schedule and currently has an average wait of 13 weeks across all specialties.
  • By September 2008, the Trust had not had a single case of MRSA bacteraemia for four months, meaning we are one of the cleanest hospitals in the South West. In addition, our Clostridium difficile rates are on course to meet the national target of a 10% reduction by 2011.
  • The Trust met all diagnostic waiting time targets which means patients receive a diagnosis much more quickly.
  • The Trust met all cancer waiting time targets of two weeks for first appointment and treatment starting within 31 or 62 days.
  • Our maternity department was rated as one of the best in the country by a Healthcare Commission survey.

The full list of targets met can be found on the Trust’s website

Sir Ian Kennedy, the Commission’s Chairman, said: “Patients and the public should celebrate these results as they show a real shift in performance. Over the past two years, in almost every part of the country, we have seen the number of trusts rated ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ expanding and the number rated ‘fair’ or ‘weak’ shrinking.

The Healthcare Commission’s report concluded with the statement: “Based on our assessment for 2007/08, Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust provided a good quality of service to patients, having made significant improvements compared with the previous two years. It has managed its finances adequately and has made improvements on its weak standard of the last two years. The trust was not one of those chosen to receive an inspection over the summer. In a recent survey of trusts in England, patients rated this organisation as ‘satisfactory’ in terms of their overall experience.”

Click here for the Healthcare Commission’s press release on the results across England

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Last updated: March 6, 2018