Inspections highlight ‘excellent’ hospitals in Northern Devon

The latest inspections in Northern Devon give ‘excellent’ ratings across the board at five hospitals for cleanliness, the general standard of the environment for patients, and levels of privacy and dignity.

Standards of hospital food were only slightly behind, with four ‘excellent’ ratings and one ‘good’.

The results were published today (Thurs) by the National Patient Safety Agency as part of an initiative known as the Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT).

PEAT teams visited five hospitals run by Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, with NHS staff and patient representatives marking what they found against a range of criteria.

On cleanliness, for example, they looked at issues such as the availability of washbasins and alcohol hand-rub, and whether patients asked staff to clean their hands.

Other issues on the checklists ranged from ward décor and signage to the quality, quantity and temperature of food.

The overall scores were:

HospitalCleanliness & environmentFoodPrivacy and dignity
North Devon DistrictExcellentExcellentExcellent
South MoltonExcellentGoodExcellent

Ilfracombe Community Hospital was not assessed, as it has fewer than the cut-off number of ten beds. Carolyn Mills, the Trust’s Director of Nursing, said: “We carry out all sorts of checks on technical issues, like having policies in place for controlling infection, but the PEAT scores are different because they try to take the patient’s perspective.

“The team picks up on the basics that can have a huge impact on patients and visitors. You might have the best treatment in the world, but if the meals were inedible and the floors were dirty you wouldn’t go home happy – and rightly so.

“This is down to a real joint effort between our own staff and the Sodexo team, to make sure patients are cared for in the best-possible hospitals.”

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Last updated: March 6, 2018