‘Tell us what you think’, says trust to patients, carers and visitors

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust has introduced a comprehensive system for finding out what patients, carers and visitors think of services, staff and buildings.

The results will help shape improvements to care and the environment at North Devon District Hospital, community hospitals and Barnstaple Health Centre.

From this month, all patients and carers will be able to pick up a feedback leaflet when they arrive for diagnosis, tests or treatment at any ward or department.

Copies will also be available to visitors, with an online version for anyone who would prefer to use the Trust website to have their say.

The short leaflet, Tell Us What You Think, asks people to rate:

  • Staff
  • Care
  • Food
  • Cleanliness

Other questions cover safety, noise, privacy and respect, and the information provided. A final section is open-ended, allowing for any further comments.

Patients and visitors may remain anonymous, or give their contact details so they can be updated on any action in response to their comments.

Returned leaflets will be collected each week from suggestion boxes across the Trust. Monthly reports will then be made back to wards and departments, so they can act on the findings.

Regular reports on feedback and resultant action will also be posted on the Trust website.

Carolyn Mills, Director of Nursing, said: “We’ve always tried to find out what patients and visitors think, but the new scheme will go much further. It’s not about paper-chasing and number-crunching – it’s about finding out about peoples experiences and then acting to make things better in future.

“Everyone’s views will be valuable, but the more responses we get the better we will be able to pick up trends, highlight the good things and spot any problems. It will only take a few minutes to fill in a form, but could really benefit other people in the future.”

The internet version of Tell Us What You Think can be found here

Further paper copies can be obtained from the Information Centre on Level 2 at North Devon District Hospital. Tel: 01271 314090.

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Last updated: October 5, 2021