New Charges for bedside TV and Phone

PatientlineA new pricing structure is being introduced at North Devon District Hospital for the use of bedside television and telephone.

Patientline, which operates the system, is bringing in a revised tariff that applies to all participating hospitals around the country, with a discount for the most-popular services used by patients.

The new tariff, introduced late this Thursday evening (3 May), will mean:

A decrease in the cost for television, from £3.50 to £2.90 per day, with free internet, games and email. Patients who know how long they’re likely to be in hospital will be able to pay £7 for three days or £10 for five days.

Children will continue to have free access to TV, while anybody signing on has access to free radio and breakfast TV.

Patientline research suggests that 70% of its users most appreciate the television/internet service while in hospital.

Phone charges:
The cost of outgoing phone calls will increase from 10p per minute to 26p per minute. Incoming calls will remain at 39p off-peak and 49p peak

Iain Roy, Director of Facilities for Northern Devon Healthcare Trust, said: “The introduction of bedside phone and TV was a direct result of a public forum on healthcare services carried out in the late 90s.

“Patients really seem to appreciate having these sorts of home comforts, which we couldn’t offer before, right at their bedside. They can make all the difference for someone who can’t get around much or to children who’d be pretty bored otherwise.

“The Trust has worked closely with Patientline over the past four years to provide a first-class service. The bedside systems are a real asset for the patient, helping them stay in touch with loved ones and offering the choice to view.”

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Last updated: March 6, 2018