Developmental baby massage comes to Braunton

Developmental Baby MassageI am the Community Nursery Nurse for the Health Visiting Team, Caen Medical Centre, Braunton.

Last Summer I went on an inspiring Developmental Baby Massage Course, run by Peter Walker, a well recognised expert in Baby Massage, from the International School of Developmental Baby Massage and Movement. Peter Walker teaches at the Active Birth Centre in London, the Zojo-ji Temple in Tokyo and the Tallebudgeera Leisure Centre, Gold Coast Australia. So I was thrilled when he came to North Devon!!

Developmental Baby Massage provides a unique range of benefits and opens a totally new dimension in your relationship with your child. Developmental Baby Massage introduces a unique level of confidence and relaxation that is reflected in the health and nature of your child and your relationship.

Developmental Baby Massage also encourages your baby’s development and structural fitness, promoting muscular coordination and flexibility. It will also deepen your baby’s breathing rhythm, promote relaxation, aid digestion and strengthen your baby’s immune system.

Developmental Baby Massage is a gentle course always punctuated with lots of kisses, strokes, eye contact, talking and singing, love and affection. The quality of touch of parent to child is a wonderful skill to develop, being the simplest and most effective way for parents to encourage their child’s growth and development, alleviate birth trauma and other early infant anxieties.

I now run weekly sessions, to which parents or carers are invited, once their baby is 8 weeks old. The course runs for 5 weeks. Developmental Baby Massage courses are extremely popular and receive excellent feedback. The course is also a valuable time for parents to make friends, share experiences and support one another.

Other areas in North Devon also offer Developmental Baby Massage Sessions, 50 please contact your Health Visitor or Sure Start Centre.

Parents who have come along to Developmental Baby Massage say:

Sarah & Macy Nicholls ’07

Through the baby massage course I have seen myself and my daughter (Macy), take a very fulfilling journey.

The skills learnt compliment and enhance the everyday nurturing techniques of parenting and for myself, in particular, have assisted in the relief of colic for my daughter.

They have brought about a greater sense of well-being, confidence and independence to explore. Throughout the course (started at 9 weeks of age), Macy’s agility, strength and flexibility increased, resulting in her ability to support her head and stand with support her head and stand with support extremely well.

Baby Massage is something that we would definitely recommend.

Grace and Sonny

The Baby Massage course has been one of the best things I have done since becoming a new mum. I am so thankful to Sarah who ran the course. She provided a relaxed, warm and welcoming environment easing us into a routine of gentle massage which my baby adored. Each week my son stared up at me smiling and wriggling with enjoyment. He has really grown in strength and it has acted as a wonderful way to bond and relax together. It was also a great opportunity to meet new mums and since the course finished we have continued meeting up on a regular basis to share time together and give each other support. My partner and I have continued to do baby massage with our son making it the focal part of our evening routine as a special way to promote calmness and to help our baby feel secure and close. I would recommend the course to any parent.

Claire and Elsa

Baby massage classes at Caen Medical Centre, Braunton held my sanity together! At a time when my hormones were dictating feelings of overwhelming love and joy followed swiftly by sobbing tears and desperate feeling of inadequacy – baby massage provided me with time and space to enjoy my beautiful baby daughter Elsa as well as a little slice of sanity.

The class was designed to show us how to massage our babies and help with colic, relaxation and bonding, however the atmosphere of calm and camaraderie amongst the parents helped at a time when life seemed to be happening in a bit of a bubble. Despite all the preparation and endless reading of baby books (and in my case two other children safely negotiated into teenage-hood!) nothing prepares you for those first hazy sleep deprived months of new parenthood. Going to Sarah’s classes was a welcome break in the week, a chance to take stock, enjoy our babies, get to know their tiny bodies and to understand how to use the power of touch and skin to skin contact. When they are so small and crumpled it seems so difficult to know how to soothe and that can lead to feeling of inadequacy in even the most confident of parents.

Sarah herself was a superb teacher, calmly taking us through the sessions as the weeks developed and teaching us skills to give us the confidence to calm our babies through even the worst bout of colic! Several of the Mums even reported almost a whole night’s sleep after the first session. The benefits of baby massage were fantastic and the babies loved the sessions but having Sarah to chat to about all the other worries was also hugely beneficial. She never told us our worries were silly, managed to reassure us and give advice without being patronising and somehow knew which one of us just needed her to hold our baby for five minutes! All in all a fantastic leader, teacher and friend.

Whilst we were all disappointed when the classes came to an end, the baby massage skills we learnt are still being used, and the mums that met at class continue to meet on a Tuesday afternoon!

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Last updated: March 6, 2018