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Mystery Shoppers


The Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust has become one of the first Trusts in the country to launch a mystery shopper scheme for patients to give feedback about its services.

Here at the NDDH we are always looking to improve our services. We are very proud of the services we provide and our patients and their families frequently tell us how much they appreciate the care they receive, however, we know we can always do better.

We consider patients to be experts by experience. Mystery shopping is one of the ways that we can improve our services by gathering feedback from our patients.

How does mystery shopping work?

Patients who volunteer to become mystery shoppers give feedback on their experience during their stay with us from arrival to discharge.  We have partnered with the Patients Association, a trusted, independent third party who receive the feedback on the experiences from patients and then relay it to staff here at the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.

Our staff never know that we are being ‘Mystery Shopped’ and because our patients nominate themselves, we have no control over which services we will receive feedback from.

The Trust is always looking for current and prospective patients to evaluate their experience of using its services.

What is involved in being a mystery shopper?

Through the Patients Association, as a mystery shopper, you will be asked to record your thoughts and experience as you go through each stage of your care. You will be offered the opportunity to be filmed or recorded so staff can hear your story in your own words.

You will also be invited to attend network events, where you can find out what has happened as a result of their feedback.

Any feedback that you give WILL NOT have an impact on the level of care that you receive.

Who can be a mystery shopper?

All patients are welcome to join in, whether they are an inpatient, day case, outpatient or receiving care from the Trust’s community teams.

Mystery shoppers must be aged 18 or over, live in Devon or Cornwall and be current or potential patients, carers, staff or users of health services from the Trust.

If you would like to “mystery shop” our services, please contact Alison in one of these ways:

Call her on 0845 608 4455.

Call her at the head office on 020 8423 9111

E-mail her at alison@patients-association.com

Write to her at the Patients Association, PO Box 935, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 3YJ

Questionnaire (pdf)

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