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Work experience

“This experience made me want to become a doctor even more and has let me recognise other roles and responsibilities in the NHS”

“I honestly cannot describe how much I have learnt during the week’s experience. I have learnt so much which has been so interesting and detailed”

“I enjoyed the clinical skills particularly, because we had a lot to do and it was quite fast moving. I also enjoyed our clinical placement because they gave me a brilliant view of how the hospital is run and how all of the roles within the hospital interlink”

“The thing I enjoyed the most was going on our placements and learning about what is on different wards and learning about things like Dementia”

“It has given me the opportunity to understand the different roles in the NHS, which I now definitely want to work in!”

Work experience offers you the opportunity to appreciate the working environment prior to making a career choice.
It can provide a valuable insight to help you make the right decisions.

The NHS is not just about doctors and nurses -there are over 350 different roles from engineers, chefs, scientists, finance and managerial.

Work experience in Northern Devon Healthcare Trust will give you a sample
of many of these career paths.

Work experience is unpaid. Placements can be in clinical areas on wards, or non-clinical areas such as in offices and reception areas.

We hope that after taking part in an NDDH Year 10 work experience opportunity, you will consider a career in the NHS after completing your education.

Benefits of Work Experience include

  • Opening doors to future employment opportunities
  • Building your confidence, extending your skills and knowledge
  • Putting your skills into practice
  • Appreciating the relevance of the what you learn at school/college
  • Exposure to a working environment

For further information please contact: Gail Richards, Lead for Engaging the Young Workforce
Telephone: 01237 420 252 e-mail: Ndht.workplacements@nhs.net

NHS Careers – Work experience in the NHS


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