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Anaesthesia during pregnancy

Baby’s movement in pregnancy

Birth after previous caesarean

Caesarean section

Choosing to have a caesarean section

Early pregnancy assessment clinic

Ectopic pregnancy

Exercises to help you in pregnancy

Gestational diabetes

Gynaecological procedure – aftercare

Having an abortion in North Devon

Home or hospital – your choice

Increase in body weight during pregnancy

Induction of Labour

Induction of labour when the baby has died in the womb

Management of HIV infection in Pregnancy

Mental well being during pregnancy

Methotrexate (management of ectopic pregnancy)


Miscarriage (medical management)

Obstetric ultrasound service

Oral health during pregnancy

Pain relief in labour

Pelvic floor exercises & advice following hysterectomy, repair and other gynaecology surgery

Pelvic girdle pain and pregnancy

Physiotherapy advice after your caesarean section

Physiotherapy advice and exercises for after baby is born

Physiotherapy advice following hysterectomy, repair and other gynaecology operations


Pregnancy of Unknown Location (PUL)

Pregnant and using alcohol or drugs?

Pregnant women who smoke cannabis

Termination of pregnancy during the second trimester

Termination of pregnancy for foetal abnormalities

Termination of pregnancy under 9 weeks gastation

Twins and multiple pregnancy

Ultrasound scans (Gynaecology)

Vaginal birth after caesarean section

Waterbirth and the use of water for pain relief in labour

Whooping cough and pregnancy

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