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Achilles tendinopathy

Advice for rheumatoid patients with risk of developing a foot related problems

Ankle arthritis

Ankle foot orthosis (A.F.O)

Athlete’s foot and fungal nail infections

Basic foot care


Corns and callous

Dynamic ankle foot orthosis (D.A.F.O)

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT)

Foot care advice for rheumatoid patients with an ulcerated foot

Foot care and diabetes

Foot orthoses


Ground reaction foot orthosis (G.R.A.F.O)

Hinged ankle foot orthosis (H.A.F.O)

Knee ankle foot orthosis (K.A.F.O)

Looking after your toe after nail surgery

Medications, urgent care and the rheumatoid foot


Nail care

New footwear

Orthotic (insole) devices

Physiotherapy advice following the cast removal after a bunionectomy

Plantar fasciitis

Podiatry assessment

Podiatry group education session

Podiatry Patient Management Plan

Positional talipes – talipes calcaneo valgus

Positional talipes – talipes equinovarus

Rheumatoid foot and good fitting footwear

Shoe adaptation

Tibialis posterior tendinopathy


Warning signs of infection