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Age-related macular degeneration


Atropine 1% eye drops

Avastin injections into the eye

Bifocals for children with Down’s syndrome

Blepharitis and lid hygiene

Caring for your eye after injection

Caring for your eye after surgery

Caring for your eyelid after surgery

Cataract surgery – risks and benefits



Children’s eye tests

Coloured overlays


Contact lens clinic

Convergence exercises

Corneal abrasion

Corneal cross-linking

Corneal foreign bodies

Dacryocystorhimostomy (DCR)

Double vision (Diplopia) and care of Fresnel prisms

Dry eye

Early Keratoconus clinic

Eye drops

Eye drops for children’s eye test

Fluorescein angiography


Glaucoma treatment

Instructions for improving eye control using a Fresnel prism bar

Iritis (anterior uveitis)

Laser treatment (YAG Capsulotomy)

Literacy difficulties

Low vision assessment for children

Macular clinic – discharge

Ocular hypertension

Patching therapy

Posterior vitreous detachment


Pupil dilation advice

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