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Conybeare Unit

Conybeare is an NHS Day Assessment/ Treatment Unit for people who are experiencing a variety of symptoms which may include:

Mild Cognitive Impairment,
Memory Problems,
Frustration, loss of confidence,
Co-ordination difficulties,
Repetitive behaviour,
Changes in Mood

There is a strong emphasis on person centred care by maintaining people’s every day skills and adjusting these to enable people to continue to lead as full a life as possible. This is achieved by working closely with carers, family and other professionals.

Conybeare team is available Monday (except on bank holidays) to Fridays, between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

Our team consists of 3 Registered Mental Health Nurses. This consists of 1 team manger and 2 registered nurses, and 4 clinical support workers.

The experienced staff hold a strong commitment to maintain peoples life skills, abilities and independence, and encourage carer and family involvement.

Every person undergoes an assessment of their emotional and physical needs. This takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Each person is offered one or two days a week depending on individual need.

Continued monitoring/ treatment will follow if the person requires it. This is agreed on an individuals needs, and is offered only if the person’s wellbeing is unable to be maintained in other settings.

Each person’s GP, District Nurse or other health care professional will continue to be involved in their on going care needs.

Referral to the service can be made via letter, phone, in person or by completing a referral form and sending it in to the team.

It would be helpful to know as much as possible about the person being referred at the time. Our aim is to provide a service that meets the needs of the people within it, and for this reason the person’s emotional needs must out-weigh their physical health needs.

Team Manager- Shiobhan Pickering
Conybeare Unit, Axminster Hospital. Tel No: 01297 630428