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Persistent Pain Team

About Us

The new Persistent Pain Service is a multidisciplinary team consisting of experienced Specialist Pain Physiotherapists, an Occupational Therapist, Psychologist and a Pain Consultant.

All referrals to this service are via Choose and Book (CAB) and Devon Access and Referral Team (DART). Referrals will be clinically triaged to the most appropriate clinician/clinicians for assessment and development of a management plan. Patients can be assessed individually by one or more of the specialist team members.

The main aim of the service is not to treat the pain directly but to teach people skills and strategies that they can use to manage their pain more effectively. The aspiration is to improve patient’s physical function, fitness and emotional well being. We envisage that most patients will be managed in this way however, there will be certain patients who will benefit from a medical review and possible intervention with the Pain Consultant.

The management options following assessment might include:

Individual or combined appointment with one or more of the following:

  • Specialist Pain Psychologist: patients with significant levels of pain related distress e.g. high levels of anxiety, depression and poor psychological coping.
  • Specialist Pain Physiotherapist: patients with decreased physical function/fitness and poor practical coping strategies management might include pacing, goal setting tailored exercise programmes.
  • Specialist Pain Occupational Therapist: patients with poor sleep patterns, reduced function in activities of daily living and difficulties in maintaining or returning to work.
  • Pain Consultant: patients requiring a medical assessment including a medication review and if appropriate an intervention e.g. nerve root block.
  • Referral to the Pain Management Programme: These are structured group sessions for patients who require the most intensive multi disciplinary approach to learn how to manage their pain. 
  • Referral to the Expert Patient Programme for Pain