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Patient Experience

The patient is the reason for the existence of the organisation, which has no life, no purpose and no value without them. This makes the patient the most important person.

We consider patients to be experts by experience. The experience of a patient’s loved ones, carer or family and friends clearly plays a significant part in the patient’s well being.

Our staff are proud of the high quality of services we provide. Our patients and their families frequently tell us how much they appreciate the care they received. But we know we can always do better.

As a Board, we are committed to fulfil our responsibilities to hold our organisation to account for improving the quality and responsiveness of services, and to demonstrate this accountability to our local communities. Plus, improving services for patients is the right thing to do and the reason most NHS staff do their job so passionately.

Several recent reports (Kings Fund 2012 (What matters to patients?), Henley 2009 (Planning for Consumer Change) point to the same four criteria:

  1. efficient, professional, high quality
  2. friendly and motivated staff
  3. short waiting times
  4. choice

Click here to view our full Patient Experience Strategy (pdf)