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Outpatient Department

About us

The outpatients department at North Devon District Hospital provides facilities for the medical and surgical specialities to run their clinics. When you come to outpatients you will be looked after of our multidisciplinary team and one of the specialist consultants (or a member of their team). The outpatients department at North Devon District Hospital has recently been refurbished and expanded to provide the best possible service to you. The department also runs clinics within the community hospitals and other locations.

How do I access this service?

You will be referred to a clinic by a healthcare professional e.g. GP, who will discuss the reasons for referring you and your options for treatment. Appointments for outpatient clinics are made using the Choose and Book system and partial book system. More information on the different appointment booking systems is available by clicking the links on the right. Once you have made your appointment you will receive a letter confirming the date and time of your appointment in the clinic. If you are unable to make the appointment please phone us so that we can offer your appointment slot to another patient.

What happens when I come to an outpatient clinic?

There are three main outpatient areas at North Devon District Hospital. Please check your appointment letter to see which area you will be seen in. If you are unsure then ask at the information desk on level 2 and they will direct you to the right location. Once you are in the correct outpatients area your first point of contact will be one of our receptionists. They will check your details and book you in, before directing you to the waiting area.

Patients are seen in order of appointment time not first come first served and every effort will be made to see you at the correct time. If a clinic is delayed it approximate wait times will be put up onto a board in the waiting area and staff will keep you informed. If you are unable to wait please see one of the receptionists who will rebook your appointment for you. Additionally, if you leave the waiting area please inform a member of staff so that you do not miss your appointment slot.

When you are called you will be seen by a consultant or a member of their team depending on the details of your referral. The doctor will ask you some questions regarding your medical history and may examine you. They may decide that extra tests need to be performed and will ask a member of the nursing staff to give you the relevant forms. Some investigations can be done on the same day as your outpatients appointment, but others will require you to attend the hospital again.

Before you leave the department please see the receptionists again who will complete your appointment and book you in for any further appointments that are necessary.

Medical students

North Devon Hospital hosts medical students undergoing training at the Peninsular medical school. You may be asked if you mind a medical student being present during your appointment. If you do not want the medical student to be present then please say. This will not affect your treatment in any way.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information on the clinics run by clicking on the links here