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Getting involved and having your say

Could you help us to get better?

Everything we do is based on the need to improve the care we provide. That means understanding exactly what’s important to you as a patient or – just by living locally – as a potential patient.

Not only do we want your help, but we have a legal duty to involve patients and the public in planning, providing and developing services.  This is set out in the NHS Act  2006 Section 242 (1b)  and in the NHS Constitution, which came into force from 21 January 2009.  (it was in the original constitution document as well as the revised one)

We aim to work with patients, their relatives, their carers and the wider public on a number of levels. That might mean many things, with many different levels of commitment. For example:

  • Filling in survey forms on anything from food to physio
  • Helping us ensure that our signs are clear and in the right place
  • Checking patient information leaflets to make sure they are understandable and tell you everything you need to know
  • Taking part in planning work, so future developments are shaped in the right way for patients
  • Advising us on the needs of people with disabilities
  • Giving us your experiences as a patient or carer

Our Patient and Public Involvement Strategy has been revised (September 2010) on the basis of meetings with patients and the public to help us shape our process for involvement for the future.

Opportunities for involvement and specific feedback will also be displayed here as they arise.

If you would like to help us in any way at all, please do get in touch to find out more.


Katherine Allen, Head of Communications, 01271 349168 or email katherine.allen@nhs.net