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About NHS Foundation Trusts


Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust is applying to become a NHS Foundation Trust. Our formal consultation begins in October 2011 and we will be asking staff, stakeholders and our local population about the constitution of the organisation.

About NHS Foundation Trusts

NHS Foundation Trusts are set up as public benefit corporations with a legal duty to provide NHS services to NHS patients.

NHS Foundation Trusts are “membership” organisations with local people, patients and staff able to join as members and get involved and have more say in how the hospitals are run and how NHS services are provided.

NHS Foundation Trusts are assessed, authorised and regulated by an independent regulator called Monitor and Care Quality Commission. This means that they are subject to fewer centrally-imposed constraints and can make local decisions that benefit local people.

An NHS Foundation Trust has members and a Council of Governors. The Council of Governors are elected by the members and more than half the Board are local people or service users and carers. There are also places reserved for staff members and for local partner organisations.

The Council of Governors makes sure the NHS Trust carries out its duties in ways which are consistent with NHS values and the licence agreed with the Independent Regulator for NHS Foundation Trusts (Monitor). The Board also advises on the longer-term strategy of the NHS Trust.

The Board of Directors remains responsible for the day-to-day management of the NHS Trust.

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