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(Practitioner Requested) X-rays Protocol in MIUs and WICs

A Guide to IR(ME)R for Referrers

Access to Patient Records Procedure

Acting Up and Secondment Policy

Acute Anaphylaxis for use by Healthcare Providers in MIUs and WICs for Adults and Children Protocol

Acute Medicines Management of Inpatients with Parkinson’s Disease Guideline

Acute Pain Guidelines

Acute Pain Management Drug Library Policy

Administering Injectable Medicines Standard Operating Procedure

Administration of Medicines Standard Operating Procedure

Administration of Subcutaneous Medication Via The T34 Syringe Pump Policy

Admission of a Young Person less than 18 years to Acute Adult Care Wards Standard Operating Procedure

Admission of Pregnant Women to the Emergency Department Guidelines

Adult Head Injury Admission Pathway

Agreed Surgical Blood Ordering Schedule

Alcohol Withdrawal Management Guidelines

Alerting appropriate advisors/managers to antenatal & newborn screening incidents Standard Operating Procedure

Allegations Regarding Children Against NDHT Employed Staff Policy (professionally or personally)

Animals and Pets in Hospital Policy

Annual Leave Policy (Agenda for Change)

Annual Leave Policy (for Medical and Dental staff)

Antenatal Ultrasound Protocols (Obstetrics)

Antibiotic Guidelines for Infections of the Central Nervous System in Adults

Antibiotic Guidelines for Management of Sepsis in the Emergency Department

Antibiotic Guidelines for Management of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock

Antibiotic Guidelines for Oropharyngeal Candidiasis in Secondary Care

Antibiotic Resistant Organisms Policy

Appraisal & Revalidation Policy

Asbestos Policy

Aseptic Techniques Policy

Assessment & Management of Children & Young People with Mental Health Needs Admitted to the Paediatric Department Protocol

Assessment and Maintenance of Clinical and Medical Device Competence in Nurses, Midwives, AHPs and Support Workers Policy

Authorisation of Blood Components for Transfusion by Registered Practitioners Policy

Bathing a Baby – Neonatal Unit Guidelines

Bed & Mattress Cleaning Standard Operating Procedure

Bladder Care Guideline

Blood Transfusion Policy

Bowel Care for Adults Policy

Business Continuity Policy

Capability Policy

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