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Anaesthesia during pregnancy

Anaesthetic choices for hip or knee replacement


Appendicectomy – child

Biopsy in your mouth

Blood transfusion

Breast Care Nursing Service

Breast clinic

Caesarean section

Cardiac surgery (advice following)

Care of the mouth after oral surgery

Care of your child after their operation

Caring for your eyelid after surgery

Carpal tunnel decompression

Carpal Tunnel Decompression (discharge note)

Cataract surgery – risks and benefits


Cervical stitch


Dacryocystorhimostomy (DCR)

Day surgery advice for breast care patients

Day Surgery Unit (welcome to)

Discharge from the Day Surgery Unit

Dupuytrens procedure (discharge note)

Endometrial ablation

Enhanced recovery programme (bowel surgery)

Fasting before operation (easy read)

Fractured neck of femur

Gall Bladder Operation (Cholecystectomy)

Going into Day Surgery (easy read)

Gynaecological procedure – aftercare

Hernia repair


Laparoscopic hysterectomy


Nerve blocks for surgery on the shoulder, arm or hand

Petter Day Treatment Unit

Physiotherapy advice after your caesarean section


Pruritus ani

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