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Anaesthesia during pregnancy

Anti D

Baby skincare

Baby’s movement in pregnancy

Bassett Ward

Birth after previous caesarean

Blood transfusion

Bottle feeding

Breast feeding

Caesarean section

Care of babies experiencing withdrawal symptoms

Caring for your premature baby – development care

Choosing to have a caesarean section

Consent in the Special Care Unit

Cot death

Early pregnancy assessment clinic

Ectopic pregnancy

Exercises to help you in pregnancy

Expressed breast milk – labelling, handling and storing

Gestational diabetes

Group B streptococcus (GBS) infection in newborn babies

Having an abortion in North Devon

Heart murmurs in a newborn infant

Home or hospital – your choice

Increase in body weight during pregnancy

Induction of Labour

Infection in newborns

Information for parents of extremely premature babies

Medicines derived from animal products

Mental well being during pregnancy

Methotrexate (management of ectopic pregnancy)


Miscarriage (medical management)

Monitoring your baby’s heartbeat in labour

Obstetric ultrasound service

Off to the best start

Oral health during pregnancy

Pain relief and your baby

Pain relief in labour

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