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A&E transport

Acute neck sprain

Buckle fractures of the wrist in children

Choroba lub wypadek w północnym Devon? (Ill or injured in Northern Devon?)

Coping with stress following a major incident

Dislocated shoulder

Elbow crutches for non-weight bearing

Emergency Department

Feverish children

Food poisoning / diarrhoea advice

Fractured clavicle / Fractured humerus

Head injury (children)

Head injury (people aged over 12 years)

Information for patients sent into hospital by their GP

Inherited bleeding disorders (mild or moderate) – advice for the parents and carers of children

Inherited bleeding disorders (severe) – advice for the parents and carers of children

Mallet finger

Plantar fasciitis

Pulled elbow


Shoulder injury

Sprained ankle