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Annual Health Check


The results of the Annual Healthcheck for 2008/9 was a big disappointment for Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.  The Trust had worked extremely hard to improve the position from our rating of GOOD for Quality of Services and FAIR for Use of Resources and despite the achievements in all other areas a problem occurred when reporting our position to the Care Quality Commission.  The Trust did not receive the “Excellent” rating it was hoping for.

The Trust experienced problems ensuring our performance data was accepted and loaded correctly to the central system. Despite three appeals on the grounds of extenuating circumstances in the following areas: Maternity, data transfer and upload, the CQC rejected the appeals.  Other Trusts in the South West have experienced similar problems.

All NHS Trusts are measured in hundreds of ways. The consistent message throughout the vast range of inspections and audits (including performance targets, Department of Health quarterly reports, staff survey, patient surveys, internal/external audits etc) show that the Trust consistently achieved the quality indicators set down by the CQC.

A series of inspections and surveys undertaken in 2008/09 – including inspections by the Healthcare Commission itself (now the CQC) – underline the quality of care received by patients at the Trust’s hospitals:

  • Following an unannounced hygiene spot check by Healthcare Commission inspectors in March 2009, North Devon District Hospital was judged to be in the top 10% of hospitals in England for cleanliness
  • The Healthcare Commission’s inspection report rated the Trust’s maternity service as one of the best in England
  • Following a patient survey, the Trust’s Accident and Emergency department was considered by the Healthcare Commission to be one of the top performing emergency services in England in 2008/09
  • In July 2008, patients at North Devon District Hospital gave high ratings for the care they received – placing the Trust in the top 20% of Trusts nationwide.

To view the complete report click here

The Submitted declaration for 2008/09.  Click here


Trust achieves ‘good’ rating for quality of services and ‘fair’ rating for use of resources – the highest rating which could be achieved given Trust’s recent financial past.

Every year, the Healthcare Commission (HCC) makes an independent and patient-centred assessment of the performance of each NHS trust.

Published in October, this is known as the Annual Health Check. It looks at performance against a series of standards, and generates overall ratings for quality of services and use of resources.

The Health Check itself is based on an initial submission from each trust on how it has met the various standards during the year. This is then verified by the Healthcare Commission.

The Trust’s 2007/8 Annual Health Check is available here

Click here to view the press release.

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