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Children’s and young people’s services at NDHT among the best in England, says national survey

Patients have rated Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust’s services for children and young people very highly in the latest national Care Quality Commission (CQC) survey, and among the best in England in some areas.

The CQC published the results of its children and young people’s inpatient and day case survey last week, which asks patients about their experience of care.

Children and young people aged 8-15 were asked for feedback, as well as their parent or carer. Parents or carers were asked to respond 0on behalf  children aged 0-7.

When asked to rate their overall experience, those responding scored the Trust 9.1 out of 10, better than most trusts in England.

NDHT is one of six trusts rated as much better than expected for either one or both age groups. The Trust’s services were rated as much better than expected in the 0-7 age group.

Dr Julian Cox, lead clinician for women and children’s services, said: “It is fantastic that the children and young people who have experienced our care and their loved ones think that our services are amongst the best in the country.

“Our staff work extremely hard to deliver high-quality care to children and young people in northern Devon, and I am immensely proud of everyone who helps to deliver this care.”

Overall, NDHT was rated as better than other trusts in England in 35 of the 53 areas, and about average in the remaining areas.

Some of the aspects in which NDHT is performing better than other trusts include:

  • Children and young people having enough things to do whilst in hospital
  • Giving children enough privacy when receiving care and treatment
  • Cleanliness of hospital room or ward
  • Parent or carer feeling that they were listened to
  • Parent or carer having confidence and trust in the members of staff treating their child
  • Parent or carer feeling their child was well looked after
  • Parent or carer feeling that they were treated with dignity and respect
  • Parent or carer feeling well looked after by hospital staff

Alison Diamond, chief executive of the Trust, said: “Coming into hospital can be a distressing time for children and young people, so it is fantastic to see that patients and their parents or carers rate our services highly.

“This is down to all of our hardworking staff. It is clear from the survey that they do everything they can to make sure children and young people have the best possible experience and I am very proud of them for everything they do.”

The Trust’s lowest scoring area in the survey is around parents or carers being able to prepare food in the hospital if they want to. There have already been improvements in this area since the survey. The parents room by Caroline Thorpe Ward was refurbished this year thanks to a generous donation from the charity Care for Kids, which includes improved food preparation facilities.

Further information on the results of the survey can be found at:

More information

The rating ‘better than expected’ is assigned depending on how significant the variation is between the Trust’s results and the average result across all trusts.