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‘NHS crisis tracker’ map gives false picture

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust is aware that an interactive map has been created that allows people to enter their postcode and then shows the percentage of patients waiting more than four hours to be seen in the local emergency department, against the national target of 5%.

38 Degrees, the campaign group which created the map, has confirmed that the tracker shows the average data for the whole of Devon, rather than local information.

As a result, when you type in a postcode in northern Devon, the map shows that 13% of people waited over four hours to be seen in the emergency department, when the reality is less than 5% for our Trust. The map uses data from July to September 2016, and, during this time, the Trust saw, treated, and admitted or discharged 95.4% of patients within four hours, which meant we exceeded the national target.

Andy Ibbs, director of operations and strategy at the Trust, said: “If you put in the postcode for NDDH it gives you the same result as if you put in a postcode for anywhere else in Devon. Clearly, this tracker does not show results for local hospitals.

“The data currently being used in the map is incorrect for northern Devon and we have advised 38 Degrees of this.

“We regularly gain national recognition for meeting emergency care standards. During the timescale covered by the map, we exceeded the national target, and last week we saw almost 97% of patients within four hours, making us the fifth best performing trust in the country against the four-hour target. Over the busy start to the new year, we were the best performing general acute hospital in the country against the four-hour target on at least one occasion.

“Our staff work really hard to maintain our excellent performance, which means our patients are getting the fantastic care they deserve, and for this reason we thought it was important to correct this misconception.

“I would like to thank all of our staff, who continue to show real commitment and teamwork.”